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Leon, a Teacher and Founder of Social Helpers Production, has used his knowledge of Dream Interpretation to build a fictional world like no other in his current book series; Universal Constance: The Haunted Shadow.
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dream interpretation

"Dreams are illustrations...

from the book your soul is writing about you"

~ Marsha Norman

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he shares many wonders about dreams and what they are trying to convey to you.

Dream Interpretation by Leon Gower

We're all on a certain path in life; get your life back on track through dream interpretation. No one knows your goals better than your own inner self; let me translate those hidden messages that will help you find your meaning in life.

Once payment is confirmed I will e-mail a request for details on your dream. I will then set up a client journal and keep a log of our conversations for future dream reference. You will receive a full, personalized interpretation and be given the opportunity to ask up to three e-mail questions relating to the dream and how it's altering your life.

All readings are kept in the strictest confidence. As a professional dream interpreter I understand the details of a dream can be confusing, misleading and frightening. Let me clear up the messages your subconscious is sending you.

Email Leon to request a dream interpretation.