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Vision board special 15 minutes for $15

If you would like additional encouragement and sparks for your theme word with more clarity for your vision board - I would love to assist. PLUS, when you purchase the Vision Board special you're eligible to receive$15.00 off the original price for a full hour reading with Lisa; a perfect complement to your vision board. You will receive a discount code to apply to the purchase of your reading in an email from Lisa.


Dial In Channel Up @ Blog Talk Radio

Every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:00 AM MST

Dial (347) 324-3707  |  Free Skype Calls for listeners outside of US


Lisa is very passionate about creating a space where we can all gather to share, laugh, and embrace all the experiences that create our Divine selves. Join Lisa as we resonate at a higher vibration of loving energy to receive a special message just for you*.


Dial In & Channel Up with us to a whole new way of being!

*On Dial In Channel Up we offer you a one question reading to shine light on a subject dear to you, but we are seeing and sensing much more. There is a bigger picture around your one question that we cannot provide to you on the air since we are limited by time and privacy concerns - this should be shared in a private reading. That's why it's beneficial for you to honor yourself and invest in a full reading; it truly helps with the clarity needed in your choices.