Empowers You

Stepping Stones

The true investment in each stepping stone is measured by the value of your contribution of self, which exceeds any funds invested. Each of these stepping stones is channeled and guided through spirit which makes them unique.

Stepping Stones "Created and honored by the power of your choices"

Each stepping stone is a PDF that is exclusively yours to guide you in your personal growth as you work on it at your own pace. After you have received your stepping stone, contact me for a 15 minute session to get you started on your path.

With Divine Love,

Each stepping stone is $10. Please select the one you wish to purchase;  kindly note that all sales are final.

Love is going to happen to me
  - Make a significant breakthrough by using the tools and wisdom within you to deeply resonate in your core to shift and manifest your heart's desires, by learning to purely love yourself. This allows the universe to bring more love in your life.

Healing with Colors: Red Tones

  - Enhance your journey in this world using your instincts & energy to help release old ways of being. Make room for new beginnings to help you discover a path to growth, joy & creativity, allowing you to own your truth with dignity and self-love. Find inspiration through your ideas to a make new start created by your choices.

Healing with Colors: Orange Tones

  - You have a magnificent inner compass called your "feelings," this is your spiritual evolution. You can create anything that you desire when you are not being restricted by old beliefs.

Healing with Colors: Yellow Tones
  - Moving into the Power of your Choices where thoughts are made manifest!

Healing with Colors: Green Tones
  - Your heart is where your treasures of awareness have been kept - you are the miracle you have been waiting for.

Healing with Colors: Blue Tones
  - If we say what we really feel, we will be heard.

Healing with Colors: Purple Tones
  - Everything you have been searching for has always been within you; allow yourself to blossom.

Healing with Colors: Gold Tones
  - When we believe and recognize energy we are able to view the world differently, coming from a deeper level of truth.